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From - Thu Nov 26 12:54:00 1998
From: Bob Bruninga 
Subject: [APRSSIG:30501] APRN Live KEN-CAM images

I just finished a first cut at my APRN (Automatic Picture Relay Network) WEB server that will display the latest IMAGE uplinked from anyone in radio range with a handheld KEN-CAM (Kenwood VC-H1). Thus, one can shoot WEB cam type images from anywhere and not worry about who is around to receive them. THey go to the WEB page where ALL Hams can see them, or POLICE, FILE, EOC, RED CROSS, or anyone else who needs to.

Thus Amateur Radio can again provide something at the scene of a disaster or special event. AND it does not require ANY special hardware at the EOC, or Red Cross or Police station or anywhere else. Just tell them to go to the local APRN page!

Annapolis APRN website

The key to complete automation of this process was the Kenwood APRS walkie-talkie that makes it possible to send a single APRS position/status/title packet to identify the KEN-CAM image in machinereadable form! Thus with only an HT in one hand and the KEN-CAM in the other, I have a complete handheld remote WEB-CAM!

I can take shots of anything in real-time and it can be viewed by ANYONE with a PC and internet access. The APRN Web page catalogs the images, maps the GPS location where taken, Time-stamps them and assigns the TITLE. Imagine the Amateur Radio Public Service Applications!

All you do is put up a 2 meter FM receiver and plug it into the mic-jack of your multimedia PC and run any of the SSTV decoder softwares. It auto-saves the Image and captures the APRS TITLE packet via a TNC on the serial port. This info is saved to your WEB server and the APRS HTML page is refreshed. NOTE: DONT ask me how to do this. I dont know yet. ButIm working on it...

Thanks to Steve Dimse for showing me how to reference the Geo maps.

de WB4APR, Bob

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