Caledonia Amateur Vhf Enthusiasts

California Amateur Radio Individuals Home Pages

Some of these may be quite obscure....
Amateurs Have some interesting web pages..
K6BMG Russ's T-hunting and DF'ing tools
WB7UGZ Rick's Valley Vision
W6RJ Bob's Candy Store
N6CA Chip makes the best preamps
KQ6AR Dan's page
KF4KL Doug Hall DSP and voting systems
KO6YQ Ian Kluft's pages
KE6JJJ Jeremy's JJJ
KE6SKH Ham not Spam from Berkeley
WA6ZJG Bob Swan's Bay Area Amateur Television
KF6NY Jim's Emergency Services
KD6PAG John's lots of good reference Page
KO6RM Jeremy Turner plays baseball
KE6LEN Colin Chandler BayMoo
AA6VN Jack Reilly TCP/IP in Northern California
WB6RAL George Flammer metricom CDMA
KB6ZOP Ranger Jim
KD6SVN Adaptive Technology
WB6WKB Dave Bartholomew is Scratchi
N6QYA Michael D. Maxfield Tweeks the net
KE6MOW Sean's 1.2 GHz Repeater
KC6UUT Erik's High Desert Page
WB6UFS Gerry Sikora digital cameras
KD6KGZ Robert Syms
KC6TMB Alex Myrman in the shack
AC6GO Robert French hydroponic gardening
KN6ER Placer County - Lake Tahoe
AB6MB Jeff's Progressive
WB6W Glenn Thomas SCV SM
WA6GON Doug Smith
W7LVN Jim Walsh the Quarter Century Wireless Association
KE6EKC Robert Capp's Ham Page
KE6JGN Border Collies on ham radio

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